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A Story. About a Man. And a Man. Living In A World. With No Voiceovers.

<<< Terry Osterhout: Filmmaker, Pop-Culture Encyclopoedia, Writer, Reviewer. And, he does a pretty good Crispin Glover impression... Visit his site at
<<< Ian Gray: New Media Stooge, Designer, Musician, Writer, Constructive Cynic. A "Walking Compendium of Semi-useless Information." Yes, that's his real hair...

Ian & Terry originally collaborated on some screenwriting (and hard drinking) in the late eighties and early nineties, with nominal success. Both have had work optioned out, and Terry has actually completed some film projects. Ian has more actively pursued web & music related ventures. This site is the result of years of saying to each other:
"someday, we should..."
The web provides a perfect vehicle for integrating all our interests. We hope this site evolves into a useful resource and forum for fertile discussions related to all forms of contemporary popular media, with an emphasis on independent channels of creation, thought, and media distribution. We went online August 1, 2002.

Please engage in some idioglossia in our open discussion boards, read some reviews or essays in our books, film, politics, or music sections, or experience the same fascination one enjoys when slowing down to look at a traffic accident by looking over the Oblogatory, Echopraxia's version of a "Blog".

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